Riccardo Della Monica
Ph.D. student
T4100 - Trilingue Building
Research interests
Research interests:
  • General Relativity;
  • Alternative theories of Gravity;
  • Galactic Centre;

I am PhD Student in the Gravity and Cosmology Group at University of Salamanca, Spain, under the supervision of Prof. Fernando Atrio Barandela and Dr. Ivan de Martino. My predoctoral contract is financed by the Junta de Castilla y León and by the European Social Fund under the convocatoria: link .

My research is focused on the study of astronomic observables in the Galactic Centre arising from alternative theories of gravity or from the presence of Dark Matter. In particular, part of my thesis is devoted to the application of statistical methods to place constraints on the parameters space of extensions to the theory of General Relativity, by modelling the motion of the S-Stars, a population of stars orbiting around the supermassive black hole in the center of the Milky Way. The motion on geodesic paths of these objects in such an extreme gravitational potential could reveal departures from what’s expected in GR and the comparison between the observed orbits and those modelled in alternative theories, by means of statistical analysis, could in principle place constraints or even completely rule out such alternative theories. During the development of my PhD thesis I have placed constraints on both the f(R) theory and the STVG in the galactic center, using this methodology. Moreover, I have tested the possibility that the supermassive object in the galactic center is a wormhole, by studying the orbit of the S2 star in a Black Bounce model. I found that current data are not able to confirm the black hole nature for SgrA* and I have forecasted the observational strategies to be able do this in the future, by observing closer stars to Sgr A*. I have also been the developer and current maintainer of this webpage!
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