Álvaro de la Cruz-Dombriz
Senior Distinguished Beatriz Galindo Researcher
Research interests
Álvaro’s publications include more than 50 peer-reviewed articles with seminal contributions in the areas of cosmological large-scale structures, foundations of theories beyond Einsteinian gravity, particularly on Scalar-Tensor gravity theories, and indirect methods of dark matter detections. To date, Álvaro has been member of the scientific teams for eighteen research funded projects. Since 2016 he has been a member of two running EU-COST actions and along the course of his career he has been the Principal Investigator (PI) for seven funded research projects in both Europe and South Africa. At the moment he is also Associate of the Square Kilometer Array collaboration in the working groups of Cosmology and Gravitational Waves. Álvaro has enabled several PhD students and mentored several postdoctoral fellows in several institutions. He has been an invited researcher at several institutions, including Marseille, Oslo, ICTP and Louvain amongst others. In 2017 was honoured with the Young Researcher Award, (UCT College of Fellows, 2017) and the Claude Leon Foundation Merit Award for Early-career Researchers (2018).
Publications list