Miguel Manzano Rodríguez
Ph.D. student
Research interests
  • Mathematica General Relativity
  • NUll shells
  • Matching of spacetimes
  • Cut-and-paste constructions
I am currently a Ph.D. student at University of Salamanca. Within the framework of Mathematical General Relativity, my Ph.D. project focuses on null shells and matching of spacetimes. Concretely, together with my Ph.D. supervisor Marc Mars, we have addressed the problem of matching of two spacetimes with null hypersurfaces as boundaries. Along this process, we have been able to identify the necessary and sufficient conditions that allow for the matching, as well as finding a definite connection between the cut-and-paste constructions and the matching theory of Darmois. Our present research lines are two-fold. Firstly, we are working on the generalization of some specific cut-and-paste constructions. In some cases, this would eventually lead us to resulting spacetimes containing null shells with pressure, energy and energy flux. On the other hand, we are addressing the problem of matching of spacetimes admitting isometries, with particular interest in the case when the boundaries are (multiple) Killing horizons.
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